Hello there!  My name is Ian and I seem to spend my time running ever faster just to stand still…. as a result I’m using this blog as a way of developing my thinking and engaging with the wider community to help make sense of the growing mess of stuff that just keeps happening out there.  Given that this is my personal blog all of the opinions contained within it are my own and not necessarily those of any organisations I work with :-)Amongst other things I’m currently working for a large software company on Cloud Computing, concentrating on emerging business models, strategy and evangelism.

Through my career I’ve spent time in the Software, IT Services, Financial Services, Government and Telecommunications sectors, mostly working as a CTO, architect or evangelist.  My particular interest is what happens when business and technology meet; as a result I’m currently fascinated by Cloud, Mobile and Social.

You can find a longer biography on my linkedin page if you’re interested – on the other hand if you just want to catch me out on anything I can be reached at itblagger@btinternet.com

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